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In personal injury claims, it is usually required that you be medically examined by a doctor to discover the extent of your injuries. The doctor will then produce a report detailing what was found. This is then used in negotiations with the third party. It is therefore very important that you give an accurate and full description of you injuries.

From time to time your solicitor may arrange an up-to-date examination of you by their own doctors. The time-gap between each visit is to enable an assessment of what progress or deterioration in your medical condition is being made with the passage of time. Do not be impatient if a long delay appears to occur between visits - its for a good reason.

Sometimes you are asked by the third party for permission to have you examined by their doctor. Such an examination is usually held in consultation with your own doctor and it is very important that you give fullest details of your injury to the insurance companys doctor because it is on the basis of what you tell him that the insurance company will evaluate your personal injury claim. Most doctors acting on behalf of the insurers do not ask you to discuss the circumstances under which the accident occurred, and you should not discuss same with the Insurance Doctors. You should tell all details of all injuries, but do not answer questions about how the accident occurred, if asked, or whether there were witnesses, or anything like that. Only answer questions relating to your injuries.

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