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How banks have been shafting customers on tracker mortgages

Banks have been doling out apologies after it was discovered that the bank failed to ensure its tracker mortgage customers were paying interest at the low rates to which they were entitled.

When you get it in the neck

Flight Delay Compensation

Electrocution Injuries

Tilting at windmills not within PIAB job specifications

On Tuesday 26 March, Patricia Byron, CEO of the Injuries Board, gave an interview on RTÉ’s flagship news programme, Morning Ireland

Personal injury compensation Northern Ireland

Best Procedure for Undergoing Horse Riding Injury Claims

The risk of suffering from horse riding accident injury and the compensation claims that can be done without the involvement of expensive lawyer & solicitors.

No Win No Fee in Ireland

“No win, no fee” (sometimes described as “no foal, no fee”) is the way most accident claims or medical negligence claims in Ireland are taken.

Witness Statements

PIAB Process

This grid is designed so that the action of the different parties in the PIAB process can be considered side by side.

Defamation, Libel and Slander

We set out on this page a brief summary on the important terms used in dealing with cases in this category:

Guidelines on Countering Bullying (September 1993)

Control of Vibration at Work Regulations

The Regulations deal with vibration arising from the use of hand tools and other machinery.

The Role of the Claims Investigator

The Claims Investigator may be an in-house appointment or may be hired on a contract basis for individual claims. The role has grown from that of a Claims Inspector who typically worked with an Insurance Company.

The Role of the Loss Adjuster

We are often asked about the role of a Loss Adjuster. It is a Role that does not exist in some countries and is not well known by the public.

Delays in Litigation

O'Brien v PIAB [2005]

Supervision in Schools

Much has been written about the issue of supervision in schools A school has a duty to exercise the care that a parent would in the circumstances.

Sixteen Golden Rules/Hatton Principles

Four Separate Appeals were heard together and reported on under Sutherland v Hatton [2002] EWCA Civ 76 (05 February 2002). The appeals were linked only by subject matter.

Equality Legislation

Many countries have now introduced new types of legislation under which awards can be made. In Ireland, one of those areas is discrimination.

/Libel/Slander in Shops

Those dealing with people on a daily basis have an obligation to take reasonable care in their approaches to members of the public and not to accuse anyone in the wrong.

Medical Experts

All about medical experts in personal injury cases

Seismic Shift

The counselling had been going so well. The PIAB-traumatic stress disorder was under control, and there hadn’t been the need to write an Injuries Board-related article in over a year.

Pain in the neck?

Is whiplash really a simple muscular injury.

Statute of Limitations

The Statute of Limitations is the time limit within which an injured party can issue proceedings.

Injuries to Children and Minors

The procedure for a compensation claim by a minor is that proceedings are in fact issued in the name of his or her parent or guardian who acts as his or her ‘next friend’.

Contributory Negligence

The cause of any kind of accident is not always clear and contributory negligence may be very important.

Compensation Claim Valuation

This is one of the most common questions asked by clients of their solicitors in relation to personal injury claims.

PIAB - Do you need a Solicitor anymore?

In the current climate, where the Personal Injuries Assessment Board advises that Claimants do not need a solicitor, the reality suggests that perhaps the Board should advise the Claimant that, now more than ever before, they do need a solicitor.

Compensation Culture

The current perception is that Ireland has a burgeoning compensation culture fuelled by people in their masses lodging both genuine and not so genuine claims.

Judicial Separation in Ireland

When a couple in Ireland cannot agree the terms by which they will live separately, an application to the courts for a Decree of Judicial Separation can be made by either party.

2006 Construction Regulations are Introduced

The Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (Construction) Regulations 2006 (SI 504/06) were signed into law 28 September 2006 and will come into effect on 6 November 2006.