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/Libel/Slander in Shops

Those dealing with people on a daily basis have an obligation to take reasonable care in their approaches to members of the public and not to accuse anyone in the wrong. They could have a liability for slander if they caused actual injury to the person. It is often very hard for a person to prove that there was actual injury arising in day to day incidents in shops and public houses when a person is asked to leave the premises. Most of the successful cases that we are aware of involve wrongful arrest with the person being detained inappropriately for a period of time.

In the case of slander it will be necessary to show that the words were communicated to a third person. Communication would include speaking. A Slander differs from a libel in that it is spoken and that in the ordinary course it must be shown that there is actual damage. Unfortunately an exception to this rule is when a crime is alleged. This often applies especially when poorly trained staff accuse the other party of stealing.

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