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Girl struck by bus wing mirror awarded €20k


A 14-year-old schoolgirl, who was struck on the head by the wing mirror of a passing mini-bus, has been awarded €20,000 damages.

Barrister Kevin Healy told the Circuit Civil Court that the impact with Megan Ledden's forehead had smashed the mirror off the bus.

He said Megan, of Glasnevin Avenue, Glasnevin, Dublin, was crossing on a pedestrian walkway outside her school, St Brigid's, Old Finglas Road, when she was hit in March 2007.



Mr Healy told Mr Justice Matthew Deery, that Megan, who was 12 at the time, was knocked unconscious as she fell back, striking her head on the road.

She was rushed to the Children's University Hospital in Temple Street, Dublin, where she was X-rayed and treated for a laceration on the right side of her forehead and bruising on her right knee.

Mr Healy told the court that Megan had suffered some scarring just under the hairline on her forehead but a plastic surgeon's report had described them as insignificant.

Only a very faint scar was visible from close examination and did not present a cosmetic deformity.

He said the minibus had been driven by James Byrne and owned by Damien Byrne, the defendants in the case, both of Beneadin Park, Finglas, Dublin, for whom insurers had accepted an assessment of €19,000 for general damages and €994 application fees.

Judge Deery approved the settlement and awarded Megan's mother, Marina Ledden, the legal costs of the proceedings.

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