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Oil Spill Damage Claims

Through our experience in dealing with property damage claims we know only too well that it is essential to deal with a home oil tank leak instantly and effectively.

If an oil leak in house is left untreated, oil, diesel or kerosene can cause devastating damage to your garden, threaten your health and have long terms effects on concrete foundations, floors or walls of a property.

At Claims Ireland we have a network of oil spill contractors who know how to clean up both domestic and commercial oil spills.

Oil Spill Symptoms:

  • You can smell Oil
  • You see standing oil or oil stains on the basement floor near the tank or furnace
  • You see oily patches or stains on the ground in your yard
  • You smell oil when you turn on water

Who is responsible for repairing the damage?

The person responsible for the clean-up of the contamination is generally determined by who is responsible for the spill. This will either be yourself (through your household insurance policy) if the spill originated on your own property, or the owner/insurance company of the neighbouring property where the oil spill has occurred.

Oil Spill fumes and heating oil fumes can penetrate carpets and soft furnishings, which can be difficult to salvage. Your insurance policy cover should allow for a full and thorough clean-up, which is completely necessary to prevent further problems that commonly arise with oil leaks.

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Contact our Oil Spill Response Team at Claims Ireland for a free no obligation initial consultation on (01) 2549899 if you’re calling from the Republic of Ireland, or (028) 90393628 if you’re calling from Northern Ireland.

We can provide information on how to clean up heating oil spill, how to clean up oil spills on cement or heating oil spill clean-up insurance claims and arrange for a quality contractor to repair the damage.


Is my spill covered by my insurance policy?

Always check that your home/contents insurance policies cover you for an oil spill. Not all policies cover spills resulting from a lack of maintenance; pollution that affects your neighbours; or environmental damage caused by a spill. You should be covered for loss of fuel through theft and oil spills, and the environmental clean-up of your property and any adjacent land in the unlikely event of a leak.

Can an oil spill harm my health?

Oils do contain chemicals that can cause adverse effects to human health, including nausea, dizziness and headaches, but the effects will depend on the level of chemicals that you are exposed to and how long you are exposed for. If you are concerned about the health effects of a spill, please contact us for further advice.

How can I prevent my oil tank from leaking?

Look after your oil tank and check it regularly for damage, leaks or oil stains. Know where your oil feed lines run and protect them from damage e.g. don’t dig near buried lines. Always use a qualified heating / tank engineer for any work to the tank, feed lines or heating system.

Check that your oil supplier carries insurance covering spills during delivery to your property and supervise the deliveries if you can.

What should I do if I have an oil spill?

Do not try to wash a spill away, it will spread the pollution further. If possible, try to stop the leak and ventilate any rooms that smell of oil. Call us on (01) 2549899 from Ireland or (028) 90393628 from Northern Ireland and we will provide you with all the information, and help resolve the problem.

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