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Accident Types - Work Accidents

Organisations must meet minimum health and safety standards to prevent their employees being involved in a work accident. Employers must provide:

  • A safe way for you to carry out your work
  • Capable staff
  • A safe building in which to work
  • Suitable materials and equipment
  • A safe system of work with proper training and supervision

The legal duty of an employer is to minimise the risk of accident at work compensation claims by taking reasonable care for the health and safety of an employee. This is embodied in both case law and in numerous statutes passed by Parliament for the protection of employees. There are in addition other circumstances where an employer may be absolutely liable for his acts or omissions which result in injury to his employees 

You may feel reluctant to make a work accident compensation claim against your employer for fear of victimisation or even losing your job. Your employer has a legal responsibility to provide a safe and secure workplace, provide competent co-workers, adequate materials and equipment, a safe system of work with proper training and supervision. Even if your work accident was caused by faulty machinery or equipment supplied by another company, the responsibility remains with your employer to ensure that it is safe for you to use and you have adequate training. If the work accident was not your fault, you're entitled to reasonable compensation for your injuries, and the pain and suffering caused.

Even if your personal injury was caused by something a fellow worker did, or didn't do, your employer will still usually be liable.

Industrial injuries at work are common and your employer will have insurance to cover work accident compensation claims from employers who have been injured at work. The case will be handled by the employer's insurance company and victimisation is rare.

Compensation that can be claimed includes ‘pain and suffering’ for both the initial injury and for ongoing disability, together with compensation for any disadvantage on the labour market caused by permanent injury. In addition actual financial losses caused as a result of an accident at work can also be claimed including;

  • loss of earnings
  • special care aids and equipment
  • adapted transport
  • prescription charges and medical fees
  • travelling expenses
  • cost of care and assistance
  • adapted accommodation
  • costs of assistance for household chores
  • other losses

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