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Toddler awarded €10,000 after ambulance rolls into tree


A 16-month-old child was injured when an ambulance, in which she was a passenger, rolled backwards into a tree, the Circuit Civil Court heard Tuesday.

Barrister Paul Gallagher told the court that Jessica Abram, of Moore Street, Kilrush, Co Clare, suffered psychological injuries as a result of the accident on 6th July 2016.

Mr Gallagher, who appeared with Anderson Gallagher Solicitors, said Jessica, now aged three-and-a-half, had been suffering from a high fever and was being taken to hospital at the time.

He said the ambulance had stopped on the N68 where it was to have been joined by a doctor.

Unfortunately the hand brake had not been applied properly and the ambulance had rolled backwards.

Jessica had sued the Health Service Executive through Katarzyna Kita and Mr Gallagher told Circuit Court President, Mr Justice Raymond Groarke, that a settlement offer of €10,000 had been made by the defendant.

He said Jessica’s injuries were psychological and not related to her medical condition at the time. 

She had afterwards suffered from nervousness as a result of the accident.

Ms Kita told the court in an affidavit that she had been in the ambulance with Kita at the time. The child had not been strapped in at the time and she had grabbed her to prevent her falling after the ambulance had rolled into the tree.

She said Jessica had suffered had become very nervous afterwards and did not want to sleep alone. 

She became very nervous if she heard an ambulance siren.

Judge Groarke approved the €10,000 settlement offer.

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