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Claim Types

We have a wealth of information on various types of claims.  Click on a link below to access them:

  • Traffic Accident
    Accidents on the roads, whether you are a pedestrian, a driver, a passenger or a cyclist.

  • Slips and Trips
    Any slips of falls.  These may be on a public street, in a shop or any other premises.

  • Sports Injuries
    Injuries that occur while at or participating in sports

  • Oil Spills / Property Damage
    Damage caused by spillages of oil, sewage or any other hazardous substance.

  • Work Accidents
    Injuries you sustain whilst at work - eg on a building site, stress at a desk job or any other injuries whilst in employment.

  • Endowment Misselling
    Claims where an endoment mortgage etc has been missold to you.

  • Holiday Mishaps
    Injuries whilst abroad or whilst holidaying in Ireland

  • Asbestos Exposure
    Injuries caused by exposure to Asbestos

  • Clinical Negligence
    Injuries caused by the professional negligence of any medical staff in a hospital, clinic, surgery, dentists or elsewhere

  • Debt Recovery
    Recovering money that is owed to you

  • Unfair Dismissal
    Claims for compensation when you have been unfairly dismissed from your employment

If you need information on a type of claim not listed, please complete our online enquiry form, or email us.